In Lingua Mortua

About In Lingua Mortua
In Lingua Mortuawas started byLars Fredrik Frislieback in 1999. The music was inspired by a wide range of music everything from Norwegian black metal of the 90s to prog rock of the 70s, to jazz of the 50s, to folk, country, classical music, electronica/trip-hop to film music (film noir and horror in particular) and so on

The first album, Bellowing Sea Racked by Tempest consists of 8 tracks (about 50 minutes) and was created in 1999/2000. Recordings began in the summer of 2000. Lyrically its a mix of Van der Graaf Generators A Plague of Lighthouse keepers from their 1971 album Pawn hearts, Dantes Inferno and Homers Odyssey. With him he got Uruz (from Urgehal and Vulture Lord) on drums, Marius Glenn Olaussen (from Asmegin) on guitar, Trondr Nefas (from Urgehal and Vulture Lord) on vocal, Raymond Hkenrud (from Asmegin) on additional guitar, Kristian Hultgren (from Wobbler) on saxophone, Sareeta (from Ram-Zet) on violin and Jonny Pedersen on flute.

Things moved slowly, and the project was haunted by one disaster after the other. The last recordings were finished summer 2005 Since things was going so slow, Lars made the basic ideas for the second album, which is being recorded in these days.

Then autumn 2006 In Lingua Mortua was signed on the norwegian indie label Termo Records (, and finally the release dates were set to June 11th in Norway and July 16th in the rest of the world.
These musicians appear on the first album:

Lars Fredrik Frislie:

Keyboards (Hammond C3 with Leslie 122/147, Mellotron M400, Moog and ARP Synthesizers, Hohner Clavinet D6, Rhodes Mark II, Solina String Ensemble, Roland ep-10, Bsendorfer Grand Piano), bass and vocal.

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March 17th, 2006

Simply Removals

Wow such depth and meaning! these lyrics are awesome.


Marius Glenn Olaussen:

Trondr Nefas:
Lead vocal

Raymond Hkenrud:
Additional guitar

Kristian Karl Hultgren:


Jonny Pedersen:

You can also find us here at Simply Removals.